What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Under the 2011 Localism Act, Communities now have new rights and powers to shape development in their own area. They can do this by producing a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a document which is drawn up by the local community and will become part of the legal plan covering Liss. The Neighbourhood Plan can look ahead around 15 years and:

  • Set out a vision for how Liss should change in the future
  • Propose where new development should go, including new homes
  • Protect green spaces and other important aspects of the village
  • Influence the quality of design of new development
  • Influence the provision of infrastructure and community facilities

We cannot make the final decision on new development ourselves; that will be done by the South Downs National Park Authority, which has taken over from East Hampshire District Council as the planning authority for the area.But, once the Neighbourhood Plan for Liss is agreed all planning decisions within Liss must be in accord with our plan.

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The Process & Timetable

The first step was for the Parish Council to agree with the South Downs National Park Authority that a neighbourhood plan should be prepared and the area it should cover. This was done in August 2014 and the Park Authority agreed to a plan to cover the whole of Liss Parish.

Now it is up to the Liss community to prepare the plan. The plan must fit with the existing plan for the area, which is the Joint Core Strategy, agreed jointly by East Hants District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority in 2014. That plan, for example, sets a total housing requirement for Liss of a minimum of 286 units by 2028, but it does not say where they should go.

But, the Park Authority is preparing a Local Plan for the Park, which will replace all the local plans and strategies across the Park. We have agreed with the Park Authority that the Liss Neighbourhood Plan is prepared alongside the Local Plan for the Park so that we can make sure the two plans fit with each other. The Park intends to publish its draft plan in the middle of 2016. We hope to do most of the work on the Liss Neighbourhood Plan by the end of 2015 and produce a draft plan in the first half of 2016.

Once a draft plan for Liss has been produced we will consult with everyone in Liss. Having made any changes to the plan as a result of the consultation we will submit the plan to the Park Authority. We aim to do that in the first half of 2016. The Park Authority will consider objections and then submit the plan to an independent examiner. The examiner may make changes and then the Park Authority will hold a referendum in Liss and ask everyone whether or not they agree to the plan.

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